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When I hit the stage, my job is simple: To enlighten, empower & entertain. This is my goal whether I'm doing a keynote speech, podcast or television/radio appearance, I literally make it my business to create memorable, engaging experiences for my audience. If the crowd is not completely captivated by my delivery, or they're talking to each other or scrolling through their phones instead of taking notes or laughing until their sides hurt while I'm speaking, they are not learning. And if they're not learning, I've failed as an entertainer, a speaker and a coach, which doesn't serve me, the client who booked me, or the audience who came to hear me speak. All that to say, when I come, I'm bringing the HEAT!!!

Here are a few notable stages I've blazed:

  • Femm Fest

  • WomanCon

  • S.H.E. Brunch

  • WomenWerk

  • Attract Your Ideal Mate Conference

  • Breakfast For Success

  • My Luv Talk

  • Activate Men

A Few Of My Favorite Speaking Topics:


Laws Of Attraction


How To Plan, Set & Execute Clear Goals

The Power of Manifestation

How To Attract Your Ideal Mate 


Dating With A Purpose

Understanding The Opposite Sex



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