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15 Ways To Cultivate A Healthy Relationship With A Man

Updated: Apr 8

For most women, being in a healthy, long-lasting relationship with a man is a strong desire. She longs to be protected, provided for and loved by just one man she can call her own. Even at a young age when she didn't have a firm understanding of what it took to be in a long-term relationship. But in her heart of hearts, a long-term relationship is all she ever wanted. If it were up to her, she would still be in a relationship with her first boyfriend; the only problem is, she didn't understand what he needed from her in order for her to cultivate a healthier relationship with him. And he most likely never communicated what he needed through his words; most likely because he didn't know what he needed or that it needed to be verbalized.

In this article however, I'm going to put into words what every man is feeling inside, but may not always verbally communicate to the woman in his life. Not because he doesn't want her to have the information, but because he himself may not even realize just how important these things are to him. The one day he puts it all together and realizes that his needs aren't being met. But to no fault of the woman, but rather he forgot to mention to his woman that these are the specific things that he simply cannot live without.

In addition, I'm going to provide actionable steps that any woman can take starting today to begin the process of cultivating a healthier relationship with a man. This list is based on motivating factors that inspire a man to be more vulnerable, transparent and forthcoming with the woman in his life, ultimately resulting in him feeling more comfortable protecting, providing and securing a woman. Without these key elements, a woman is pretty much rolling the dice on her relationship, not realizing that she's completely missing the mark. With the application of these steps, any woman, no matter her age or demographic can gain great power, influence and position in a man's life because she understands and is willing to meet his needs.

Below I'm going to include a list of 15 things a man needs from a woman in order for him to consider her as a candidate for a long-term commitment. This article is useful for a woman who doesn't understand exactly what a man's needs are. It is also useful for a man who has not been able to articulate his needs to a woman in a way that is clear, concise and can be understood by a woman. Hopefully this break down of what a man needs will help women cultivate healthier relationships with men.

And before you try to skip around and gravitate towards the tips you like, know that not one of the things on this list can be dismissed, discounted or dismantled. Each and every piece of this puzzle plays a huge role in who the man is as a whole. And when dealing with a man, it's important to take a whole person approach, and not just focus on one particular area of a man that you like. Relationships are about exchanging value, which is synonymous with "meeting each other's needs". You can be a nice person, a good person and even a valuable person, but if you're unable to meet a person's needs, then unfortunately you are not as valuable (to that person).

So without further delay, here are the 15 ways to cultivate a healthy relationship with a man.

1) Peace Of Mind- Show him you are capable of helping him maintain a peaceful environment by bringing joy to his life on a daily basis. (Read more on this in my book Food, Sex & Peace Of Mind)

2) Respect- Show him that you love, honor and value him through outward expressions of admiration on a daily basis.

3) Love- Show him how much you care about him and his interests through outward expressions on a daily basis.

4) Trust- Show him that when given intimate/personal/sensitive information, you will protect it and help him through it, on a daily basis.

5) Honesty- Show him you are a woman of integrity and character through your actions on a daily basis.

6) Loyalty- Show him that your allegiance lies exclusively with him through your actions, on a daily basis.

7) Support- Show him that you believe in his vision and are willing to help him execute it through your actions, on a daily basis.

8) Communication- Show him how to understand your needs using your words and actions on a daily basis.

9) Focus- Show him that you are capable of supporting his work and not distracting him from his work on a daily basis.

10) Space- Show him that you care about his mental health by giving him time alone (uninterrupted) on a daily basis.

11) Progress- Show him that you are capable of helping him find solutions, not problems on a daily basis.

12) Nutrition- Show him that you care about his physical health by providing him with balanced meals on a daily basis.

13) Affirmation- Show him that you love, value, honor, respect and believe in him, by offering words of encouragement and praise on a daily basis.

14) Security- Show him why you need him and why you chose to be with him by leaning more into things you like and love about him on a daily basis.

15) Physical Touch- Show him that you care about his physical and emotional needs, by offering sensual and sexual connectivity on a daily basis.

That was a lot to take in, I know. None is this was meant to be easy. That's why fathers, pastors and mentors exist to act as your guide. I highly recommend consulting with any of the above mentioned individuals if you need help understanding how to solidify a healthy, long-term relationship with a man.

If you don't have access to any of the mentioned resources, and are in need of mentorship, I invite you to apply to join my 90 Day Mentorship Program Cultivate Healthy Relationships, this exclusive program takes you through 4 stages of cultivating a healthy relationships. To learn more about these each stage, read my latest blog The 4 Stages Of Cultivating Healthy Relationships With Men.

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