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8 Dating Tips Every Single Women Should Live Be

We see a lot of dating and relationship advice being handed out, but how much of it is actually useful in everyday application? Here are 8 tips you can apply starting right now.

1) Target Quality Men

Investing more time, energy, effort and money into going places where you are most likely to meet the exact kind of men you like will increase your chances of actually meeting quality single men who might be interested in actively pursuing you romantically. Sitting around waiting for a quality man to come banging down your door for a date is indeed a strategy, just not a very good one...

2) Date With A Purpose

If your purpose for going out on dates with a man is just to get attention or a free meal, all you have to do is be pretty and you'll most likely get the attention you want from a man. But if your goal is to date with the possibility of it leading to something more, you will have to get better at scouting, pitching and recruiting the type of men who are most ideal for you. If he is not ideal for you, avoid wasting both your time and his.

3) Make Dating A Priority

If your reason for not going out on any dates is because you're just so busy with work or school, please understand that when your time on earth is up, your employer will very swiftly and easily replace you with another "busy woman". Better to use your time on earth actually enjoying time on earth (and the people in it). You can start by traveling the world, making meaningful connections and cultivating healthy relationships with those who have either the financial means and/or the vision to retire you. ;)

4) Stop Self-Sabotaging Yourself

If you want the attention to be on you, stop bringing competition and distractions with you to places where your goal is to meet single men silly. A few examples of competition and/or distractions are your brother(s), platonic male friends, gay guys, your children and groups of beautiful women. Attending events by yourself or with just one female friend will increase the likelihood of attracting single men.

5) Set Some Standards

Whoever you choose to date must show you respect; it makes no difference who he is, how much money he makes or how he's living. If you want a man to respect you, he needs to know that you first respect yourself. He will know you respect yourself based on the standards you require him to live up to. A few examples might be: Having all of his teeth (lol), good hygiene, calling and not texting, being a man of his word, showing up on time, meeting you in a public place, paying for the first date, etc.

6) Don't Be A Lazy Dater

Resist the temptation of choosing men from the bottom of the barrel just because they're available and accessible. A few examples of this would be dating men from your workplace, gym, church, building, block, school, inner circle, friends of friends, lives in another country and we'll even throw in online dating. Leave all of these options A-L-O-N-E and actually go out and make brand new connections with the sole purpose of pursuing a romantic experience.

7) Limit Your Time

If you want a man to win your affection, you must present yourself as a prize to be won. By limiting your availability and accessibility, you give him the impression that you are in high demand and high value. If you are constantly making yourself available for last minute dates, late night invitations, or you make adjustments in your schedule to fit his, you've already lost. Choose one day out of the week for a "Buffer Date" (a 30 minute meet-up, during the daytime, costing $20 or less). If he's into, he'll be clamoring for more of your time. ;)

8) Don't Be Boring

If there's anything in this world a man has... it's an abundance of access to exciting, adventurous, highly sexually driven, spontaneous and drop dead gorgeous women. And if the man has charisma, charm, humor or intellect (and Lord forbid good looks and money), he can very easily get access to the most in demand women on the market. No single woman can afford to be boring in this day and age. Men invest more in women who are interesting.

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