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9 Ways To Know He Is the One

Updated: Mar 20

When you're just starting out dating someone, the person you're most likely to meet is their representative. Of course, we all want to put our best foot forward in efforts to make the best impression, but aside from that, the reality for most men and women is they're afraid to be vulnerable because they don't want to waste their time or get hurt. Once a person feels more comfortable talking to and being around an individual, they slowly but surely begin to establish levels of trust.

What men and women ultimately crave is to build a relationship with someone they can be themselves around, and feel safe/secure. The more a person feels there is a genuine effort being made to create this type of environment, the more open they will be to removing their armor and opening themselves up to true love. As humans, we naturally want to love and be loved; yet we often times close our hearts when we are met with disappointment, rejection, and abandonment.

The thing that is most attractive in a person who is open to connection is, despite their experiences with disappointments, rejection and abandonment, they still have hope for love. No matter what they've experienced in life before meeting you, they still want to try to give it another go. Why? Because they feel you are worth. And that's the only type of energy you should ever want to be connected to.

Throughout your dating experiences, you will meet people who have commitment issues, abandonment issues, etc and they are either not ready, not willing or not able to move forward with you, and that's ok. Send them to therapy and keep it moving. You are looking to attract your ideal mate, not a therapy patient. Tell them you will pray for them. <<< And that was the prayer. It is not your responsibility to restore the brokenness in others. That's Jesus's job! ;)

Here are 9 Ways To Know He Is The One

1) You Are Physically Attracted To Him

Physical attraction is the #1 most important characteristic above all others (initially) because well, it's the first thing you see. The first time you see him, there needs to be a strong desire for him. The reason this is so important is because, let's be honest... this is the man you'll be spending the rest of your life with. You absolutely want to be physically attracted to him. I know your girlfriends have tried to convince you in the past that this isn't important, but the reality is, physical attraction IS important... and you know it. If you don't find him physically attractive, chances are, he's not the one.

2) You Admire his Character

A man who carries himself with dignity, respect, honor and integrity is a diamond in the rough. A strong second to physical attraction as this will determine how he shows up in your life. There are times where you will be faced with the decision to cut ties with a man you may find physically attractive because he has poor character flaws, and you would be right to do so if he is unwilling to self-correct. In the event you are face-to-face with a man who exhibits great character, keep him at the top of your list.

3) You Respect Each Other

R-E-S-P-E-C-T is without question one of the most important elements to any healthy, long-lasting relationship. Usually, once the respect is gone, so is the relationship. There are unfortunately, a lot of men out there who do not have respect for women, yet they are rewarded with more of a woman's time, energy and effort. When it comes to choosing someone who is right for you, respect must be at the forefront, otherwise the relationship will not last. For a man, respect is without question a top priority. If you have found someone whom you have a deep level of respect for, and who also has high respect for you, you my friend are in luck.

4) He Is Honest

One of the biggest challenges many single women are facing today is getting a man to be honest. There are no excuses for men being dishonest, however there are a few common reasons for this behavior. Most men fear that being honest will scare the woman away, while others haven't taken the time to truly understand themselves enough to know what their truth is, and then there are men who are simply following societal norms and haven't created a lifestyle/program that works for them. Then there's the man who knows who he is, knows what he wants, and creates the life he wants to live through honesty and integrity. <<< That's your guy.

5) He Is Trustworthy

You will know when a man is worthy of your trust by how he cares for the things you care about. A few examples are time, money, family, friends, community, and emotions. A man who doesn't honor commitments, doesn't properly manage money, isn't family oriented, isn't a loyal friend and doesn't value community doesn't actually inspire trust. Does it? These are things you should consider when choosing someone to commit to. If he has shown signs of being honorable, dependable, sociable, fiscally responsible and emotionally available for example, these are signs you are making a worthy invest.

6) He Is Supportive

Having someone in your corner to simply be there in times of need is essential to a healthy relationship. Needs may vary, but knowing that this person will be your biggest cheerleader and won't abandon you when you need them the most is mandatory. You can test this early on in the dating phase by simply asking for help in the form of time, energy and effort. If he is showing you signs of resistance, abort. He is ready, able and willing to extend himself (within reason) to be a valuable asset to your life, he may be a keeper. ;)

7) He's A Great Communicator

One of the worst feelings is being in a relationship with someone who doesn't express how they're feeling or what's going on their life. There are many reasons why a person might do this; lack of trust being one of the top reasons why a person goes into their shell and doesn't want to open up. Also know that men and women communicate differently; women use words, while men use actions. A man who is constantly making a conscious effort to use his actions (which is his comfort zone) and his words (which is a woman's language) is showing that he is and wants to be an effective communicator, which is a great sign that he cares.

8) He Is Loyal

Let's be honest, there is a plethora of quality, interested, available women at men's fingertips. This reality doesn't change when a man gets into a relationship or marriage. In fact, his options probably grow even more because other women now view him as a challenge to be sought after, fought over and won! Yet, out of all of the available options, he chooses you. He is not a flight risk, he makes you feel loved, honored, valued and respected and the whole world knows it. This guy is showing promise.

9) You Love Each Other

While all of the other tips are great, you can't have a long-lasting, healthy relationship without love. People try it all the time for the sake of the house, the kids, their reputation, etc but it often leaves them miserable beyond belief. Love itself, cannot sustain a relationship, but neither can any other the other components that were listed. With love however, you can rest assured that when times get tough, when you're sick, when you need someone to simply care about you as a person outside of social status, financial status, etc, it will be the love you have for each other that matters the most. The man who shows you these signs is your guy.

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With Love,

Cheyenne Bostock

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