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How To Certify Alignment With A Man Within 0-3 Weeks

One of the most important factors when it comes to cultivating a healthy relationship is making sure you are both in alignment. While all 4 stages of cultivating a healthy relationship are important, this is one stage you definitely cannot afford to leave to chance. This stage has everything to do with morals, values and beliefs and could have a negative impact on your relationship if not evaluated properly. A person's morals, values and beliefs determines not only how they live, but also how they build.

There are 4 stages to cultivating a healthy relationship with man, and it's important not to skip any one of them.

Stage 1: Identifying his character and intentions (0-3 minutes)

Stage 2: Qualifying him for compatibility (0-3 days)

Stage 3: Certifying their is an alignment of values (0-3 weeks)

Stage 4: Solidifying the terms and agreement for a relationship (0-3 months)

If you have made it to stage number 3 which is the certifying stage, then that means you have already gone through stages number one and two and have identified that he has good character, and you've qualified him for compatibility all within 0-3 days. Now you're at the point where you're going out on dates, getting to know each other and going with the flow. Going with the flow is where so many women allowing themselves to be sucked in to a life of ambiguity. If you are currently taking this approach with your love life, do yourself a favor and stop while you are ahead.

The first step to cultivating a healthy relationship is being able to identify a man's character. If you allow a man with poor character to make it past this stage with you, you are asking for trouble. Being able to identify a man's character within 0-3 minutes is what I highly recommend. For someone who hasn't been taught how to do this, this may seem to be a difficult task. A great starting point to learn how to quickly identify a man's character can be found in my book Food, Sex & Peace Of Mind: What A Woman Needs To Know To Keep A Man.

During stage number 3, your primary objective should be on whether or not you both share the same morals, values and beliefs. A lot of women make the mistake of using the courting time frame to take advantage of a series of dates with a seemingly nice guy. Do not allow yourself to fall in this trap, because while you are missing a very important opportunity to discern whether or not there is alignment, the man is also paying attention to your ignorance. Showering you with time, energy and attention, building up the smokescreen thicker and thicker.

Within the first 0-3 weeks of knowing a man, your primary objective should be certifying whether or not you both are aligned. Nothing else matters during this timeframe, especially if your goal is to cultivate a healthy relationship. Some women think there is no methodology or formula to cultivating a healthy relationship; most of the women who say this are single and still trying to figure out a formula. The formula you need is right here; focus your time and energy on gathering information about the man from the moment you meet him. The information you gather will let you know if you should exchange phone numbers, if you should go out on a date, if you should let him court you, and finally if you should commit to a relationship with him.

Cultivating a healthy relationship has nothing to do with two people liking each other. You can like a person and that person could have poor character, there could be no compatibility, no alignment and no agreement to be in a relationship. Liking a person is fine and dandy, but that doesn't warrant exchanging contact information, going out on dates, courting or committing to a relationship. Cultivating a healthy relationship is about strategizing, planning and executing with great precision. In other words, no more leaving your love life to chance.

Crossing your fingers and hoping that he is a man of good character is not a good strategy. A good strategy is to identify a man's character within 0-3 minutes of meeting him, so when you exchange phone numbers with a man, you know for certain it's with a qualified lead. Accepting a date and then crossing your fingers, hoping, praying and wishing he will be compatible is not a good strategy. A better strategy would be to have standards and requirements and to qualify him over a Face Time phone call within 0-3 days of meeting him to ensure that if you accept the date, you will be on a date with a qualified lead.

Knowing exactly what questions to ask a man that you've just met over the first Face Time call is crucial. So many women make the mistake of simply engaging in surface level conversation on this very important phone call. They're more focused on where they're going to be taken out on a date than figuring out if this man is qualified to be on a date with her in the first place. Asking the right questions will save you valuable time, energy and effort going out on dates with men who are not compatible with you. To save you time, I lay out 30 questions you must ask a man over the first 15 minute Face Time conversation in my book Dating Manual For Single Women: 30 Steps To Take Before A 1st Date.

Allowing yourself to get emotionally attached to a man and then crossing your fingers hoping he sticks around before certifying that the two of you are aligned in your morals, values, and beliefs is not a good strategy. A better strategy would be to certify that you both share the same values within the first 0-3 weeks of meeting each other to ensure you are aligning yourself with a certified lead. Committing to a relationship without knowing what the goal will be and then crossing your fingers hoping he will lead you to the next level is not a good strategy. A better strategy would be to negotiate the terms and agreement of a relationship within the first 0-3 months to ensure you are solidifying a relationship with a qualified lead.

Believe it or not, 0-3 weeks is more than enough time to communicate to a man what your morals, values and beliefs are. In fact, these conversation should be had on the first 15 minute Face Time in the form of questions. The purpose of investing 0-3 weeks with someone to certify there is alignment is to give the person time to experience you in person. Experiencing someone over the phone doesn't have the same power and effect as being in person. A man might tell you over the phone that he's not ready for a relationship, but in person his actions say otherwise. Here's a tip for you if you've ever experienced a man who says one thing and does another... Never listen to a man's words; always follow his actions.

While you're in stage number 3 (the certifying stage), your only priority is to make sure you both are on the same page. The person you cultivate a healthy relationship with has to be ideal for you life. The only way for you to measure whether or not a person is ideal is to put them through tests. This is a difficult task for so many women because they are operating from a scarcity mindset. Some women are afraid to stand firm on their values because they don't believe a man will stay otherwise. Some women are willing to compromise their morals, values and beliefs all for the sake of having a portion of a man.

If this is how you've been going about cultivating a healthy relationship, I want you to stop now and follow the instructions in this article. Learning how to attract a man who is ideal for you will not come by accident or by chance. Attracting someone who is the perfect match is about science and art, not luck. So get it out of your head that if you just sit around and wait on God, then you will miraculously manifest the TOP eligible bachelor in the world. Unfortunately, that is not how life works, and it's in your best interest to completely abandon that strategy because it cannot be duplicated or repeated.

A better strategy is to go into new experiences with men knowing exactly where to go, what to do, what to say and how to position yourself so you can get more accurate results each and every time. Results that can be repeated for your own benefit and duplicated by your family members and friends. By the time you put all of these principles into practice and start getting results with great precision, you may be inspired to write a book, start a podcast or go on tour speaking about this stuff because it just plain works.

Knowing what to do, what to say, where to go and how to be in order to attract someone who is ideal for you doesn't come easy to every woman. This is especially true for a woman who didn't have her father as a guide, doesn't have a mentor, doesn't read any self-help books or doesn't follow a lesson plan to help her get better results. For the person who doesn't have access to the right information, this could certainly appear to be a daunting task for them. Which is why I've created a guided course to help women who don't have access to the right people, books or resources on how to attract more quality men.

The best part about this course, is I teach you how to accomplish your goal of attracting Mr. Right in a very short amount of time. Certifying whether or not there is alignment should only take 0-3 weeks. In my course, I teach you how to accomplish this in just 14 days. Instead of leaving your love life to chance, go into it with a solid strategy; a strategy that should not take a whole lot of your time. For a limited time, the course will be available for $99. On May 1, 2023 the course will return to its regular price of $1,499. Don't miss your chance to enroll. Learn How To Attract Your Ideal Mate In Just 14 Days.

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