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Why You Should Go Out By Yourself When You're Single

Updated: Mar 20

If you're a single woman who is looking to meet new guys and potentially date, there is no better way than to go places by yourself. Luckily for single women, men are always interested in meeting and connecting with new women, and they are always on the lookout for new prospects. The only thing left for you to do is show up with your best energy, attract his attention, and it's a party. And it doesn't even have to be anyplace fancy that you show up to by yourself, just as long as there is an easy way for him to get to you.

Here's what you need to know and understand about men; a man is most likely to approach you when you are by yourself. This makes sense because there's only one person he needs to interact with to get to what he wants. When there's more than one person in the mix, it creates an additional barrier that he has to break through in order to get to you. Now I know it might be fun for you to watch and see which guy is bold enough to walk up to both you and your friend and win you over, but rest assured, the likelihood that men will actually approach you will increase when you are by yourself.

It's also worth noting that when you are by yourself, it sends a message that you are confident, self-sufficient and don't need any "wing women" or crutches. Men find this wildly attractive and will gravitate towards this energy almost every time. But lets forget about men for a second and talk about what going out by yourself can do for you. The most attractive thing a woman can do for herself is get to know herself, which I place great emphasis on in chapter 1 of my book Food, Sex & Peace Of Mind: What A Woman Needs To Know to Keep A Man.

Going out by yourself forces you to be independent, self-sufficient and discovery things about yourself that you actually enjoy. Sometimes our friends and family members have so much influence over our lives that we don't explore what it actually best for us as individuals. By making time for yourself and making a conscious effort to go out all by yourself, you learn where you like to go, things you like to do, things you like to eat/drink, what you can afford, experiences you want to have, and so much more. And the beauty of exploring these things that are unique to you is, it will put you on the direct path of someone who is also interested in your interests.

A few examples of this would be going to a coffee shop, bookstore, the gym, church, a restaurant, a festival, farmer's market or a nice lounge and simply enjoying the ambiance. The outcome of going to any of these place isn't dependent upon who you will meet, but you enjoying yourself without being dependent on anyone. This part is important so that you're not discouraged anytime you go to any of these places and don't attract the attention of any admirers. If you don't have confidence, you can forget about it, because confidence will be the determining factor on whether or not a man will want to explore anything with you.

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There's a whole lot more you need to do to attract the attention of a man when you do actually show up to these places and events. For example, you do have to smile, make eye contact and engage in meaningful conversation when you do see a guy you find attractive. Being pretty will get a man excited about looking at you, but good energy will get him excited about approaching you. If all you want is for men to look at you, then by all means just sit there looking pretty. But if you want men to actually engage in meaningful conversation with you, you'll have to put forth a little more effort. Read How To Attract Quality Men to learn more on this topic.

Another benefit of going places by yourself is to have a better understanding of the cost of things. This is especially true if you are looking to do fun and engaging things, try different foods and have new experiences with men. Men value their time and their money, so it's very important that a woman understands the costs of things and is a valuable asset to his life, not a liability. A woman who understands the costs of things and is interested in cultivating a healthy relationship with a man will be mindful of expenses. This mindfulness can also be looked at as consideration for the man; an asset that is rare, but coveted by men.

A woman who doesn't understand the cost of things will eventually exhaust a man's resources to the point where he can no longer sustain her and will have no choice but to release her. This is especially true if you are a woman who takes the traditional approach to dating and looks for the man to pick up the bill. A great way to show a man that you can be a valuable asset to his life would be to show him how you live your life, how you manage your time and money when it comes to extracurricular activities. This may include things like cooking for him as a way to cut expenses, treating him to some of the experiences you enjoy, and offering experiences that don't cost any money at all.

The idea here is to make yourself more attractive, not less attractive. In my coaching program, one of the questions I ask my students is "How will you go about making his life easier?" Saving a man time and money, or even better helping a man make the best use of his time and make more money are sure fire ways to attract him to you. When he sees you out and about all by yourself, he will be inspired to approach you because there's little blocking him from getting to you.

While on the contrary, if you are out and about with a pack of women, he will most likely no approach you because the likelihood of him being rejected and possibly even humiliated will increase. To him, it appears as if the women you are surrounded by are a self-constructed fortress to shield you from men. If your goal is to attract more single men, get rid of the unnecessary fortress. Read Here's Why Men Aren't Approaching You for more on this subject.

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With Love,

Cheyenne Bostock

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